Thursday, 2 March 2017

Armed attackers kidnap five workers at Congolese gold mine

Armed attackers have kidnapped five workers at a gold mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Gold dealer Banro Corporation said a French national, a Tanzanian and three Congolese were kidnapped in the attack at its mine in Namoya, eastern DRC.

Members of militia group Rahiya Mutomboki abducted the workers and left leaflets around the mine threatening other employees, regional official Balthazar Hemedi Kabemba said.

They have demanded a ransom and a contract to construct roads and other basic infrastructure in the area, he added.

In a statement, the French foreign ministry said it was in contact with authorities "to shed as much light as possible on what happened and in order to free our compatriot".
Banro's four gold mines in eastern DRC have been repeatedly targeted by armed militias, which remain active despite the official end to a regional conflict in 2003.

Last month, three policemen and an assailant were killed in a gunfight after an armed robbery attempt at Twangiza mine.

Nothing was stolen in the raid and police arrested one man.

Namoya mine opened in January 2016 and produced more than 90,000 ounces of gold in its first year of operation.

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