Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Government's Brexit bill defeated in the House of Lords

The Government has been defeated over its Brexit bill in the House of Lords, with peers demanding protection for EU citizens in the UK.
A total of 358 voted for a Labour amendment to the bill to trigger Article 50, with 256 voting against.

It called on ministers to, within three months of Article 50 being triggered, unilaterally bring forward guarantees for the 3.5 million people from the bloc living in Britain.

In an attempt to head off the defeat, Amber Rudd had written a letter assuring peers that EU citizens would be treated with the utmost respect.

Labour, the Lib Dems and some crossbench peers had said they felt a unilateral statement of support was necessary to remove the insecurity felt by many people ahead of Brexit.

Several peers who spoke in the debate preceding the vote said they had received lots of letters from people worried about the effects on their families.

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