Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hospitals break temporary doctor pay caps 240,000 times in three months

Hospitals are regularly resorting to emergency "break glass" rules to meet soaring pay demands from temporary locum doctors, Sky News can reveal.
Under an NHS clampdown on exorbitant agency workers, hospitals should only exceed an agreed "capped" hourly pay rate in exceptional circumstances when an unfilled vacancy for a doctor would put patients at risk.

But our investigation shows that hospitals in England notified NHS Improvement that they had breached the cap on 241,195 occasions in just three months.

A further Freedom of Information request revealed that the breaches are being made for every grade of doctor.

But the problem is most acute with locum consultants.

Of 61 hospital trusts able to supply data, 56 exceeded the average hourly pay cap of £76.10
At 10 trusts the average hourly rate was more than twice the cap.

And at Great Ormond Street in London the average hourly rate was £225 - more than three times the maximum amount set by the NHS.

Some doctors are earning huge sums from the unbridled pay rates - one doctor at Colchester Hospital raked in £128,790 in just three months.

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