Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Mexico prison riot leaves two inmates dead in Monterrey

A fresh riot broke out in Cadereyta prison near the northern Mexican city of Monterrey on Tuesday.

Two inmates died and 13 were injured as prisoners set alight cells and attacked the jail's pharmacy in protest over a lack of food and water caused by a riot the previous day.

A prison spokesman said food and water supplies had now arrived at the jail and the authorities had retaken control.

Two floors of the jail were destroyed.

The riot comes just over a year after 49 inmates were killed in a fight between rival gangs in the Topo Chico jail, also near Monterrey.

A prison spokesman said the disturbances in Cadereyta prison started on Monday in protest at the use of x-ray machines to check visiting relatives.

Relatives said agreements they had reached with the prison authorities were being broken.

"They're not respecting the deals we reached, they're not letting us take in food to our relatives, nor money," they told local media.

"They also said they wouldn't use x-ray machines to check visitors, and they are," one inmate's wife said.

Nine people were injured in the disturbances on Monday.

One of the two inmates who died was burned to death and has yet to be identified.

The other died after ingesting medication taken during the inmates' attack on the prison pharmacy, a prison spokesman said.

Local media reported that a footballer who is detained in the prison awaiting sentencing was not among those injured.

Smoke rises from Cadereyta prison where a brawl left several prisoners wounded on March 27, 2017 in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

BBC    News.