Saturday, 18 March 2017

Nicola Sturgeon: Don't like Brexit? Move to Scotland!

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted to a rapturous crowd at her party's conference that "there will be an independence referendum".
The SNP leader went on to lambaste Theresa May, saying that "the Prime minister's attitude should worry us all" and warned: "Stop putting the interests of the right wing of your party ahead of the interests of the people of our party."

In her closing address to the party's conference in Aberdeen, Ms Sturgeon also invited people in the UK who did not like Brexit to come to Scotland.

She said: "We will become a magnet for talent and investment from all cross the UK.

"So let me issue this open invitation today: Scotland isn't full up.

"If you are as appalled as we are at the path this Westminster government is taking, come and join us. Come here to live, work, invest or study.

"Come to Scotland and be part of building a modern, progressive, outward-looking, compassionate country."

She continued: "Scotland's future must be Scotland's choice."

Still mid-speech, Ms Sturgeon has had no less than three standing ovations.

Setting out her plan, she said she wants a "fair, legal and agreed" referendum "at a time when we know the terms of Brexit but before it is too late to take a different path".

But she said: "It is down to us to make the economic case for independence."

Theresa May has said that now was not the time for an independence referendum and Ms Sturgeon said she was willing to discuss timing with the prime minister but warned: "The will of our parliament will and must prevail."

She sparked another standing ovation when she said the days of Tory governments dictating to Scotland are "gone and not coming back".

She warned the Prime Minister that if she showed "the same condescension and inflexibility, the same tin ear" to other European nations as she had done to Scotland then "the Brexit process will hit the rocks".

The SNP leader blasted the UK Government over its failure to guarantee the rights of EU citizens already living in the UK.

"You cannot lecture others about politics not being a game while you are using the lives of human beings as pawns," she told Mrs May.

A £36m fund to pay for skills and training in the digital age was announced as well as a 10-year mental health strategy that will include an increase in the workforce and budget.

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