Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sylhet blasts kill four amid Bangladesh militant raid

Six people - two police officers and four civilians - have been killed in twin bombings in north-eastern Bangladesh, officials say.

The blasts in Sylhet occurred near an apartment building where commandoes have been trying to flush out a group of suspected Islamist militants.

Earlier many civilians were evacuated from the block of flats. The suspects have refused to surrender.

Dozens of people were injured in the twin explosions on Saturday.

Army units continue to surround the building.
The blasts hit a large crowd which had gathered nearby as troops continued to exchange gunfire with the militants.

The first explosive device was brought by two men on a motorbike and the second was left in a bag of vegetables, police say.

So-called Islamic State (IS) claimed on messaging app Telegram that it was behind one of the blasts.

The suspected extremists are hiding out in a five-storey building, from which 78 civilians have been evacuated.

They keep detonating explosives strewn all around the building, the army says.

Police began their siege on Friday morning, the same day that an apparent suicide attack took place near the main airport in Dhaka, the capital.

Only the bomber died, and IS said it was behind the attack. There was another suspected suicide bombing in the Dhaka area on 17 March, which targeted the barracks of an elite police force, injuring two personnel.

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