Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Boris Johnson and Labour election chief Andrew Gwynne in fiery spat

The Foreign Secretary and Labour's election chief have gone head to head in an angry impromptu debate.
Boris Johnson repeatedly challenged Andrew Gwynne on Labour's costings for increasing public expenditure.

Mr Gwynne, meanwhile, attacked the Conservative's plans to means test winter fuel allowances.

The pair appeared on Sky News in the run up to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's grilling by live TV audience.

The leaders' event was the first time the pair had faced a live TV audience in the General Election campaign in the absence of a full TV debate.

In passion rarely seen on TV, Mr Johnson and Mr Gwynne raised their voices as Sky's Adam Boulton fought to maintain order of what rapidly turned into an argument.

The row began when Boulton tackled the pair over their leaders' respective analysis of the reason for terror attacks on UK soil.

But it soon descended into angry point-scoring on issues like a second Scottish referendum and the Brexit negotiations after Mr Gwynne accused Mr Johnson to sticking to a "script".

It ended with Mr Johnson attempting to turn to the camera and hurriedly telling Sky viewers that Mr Gwynne had not answered his question on whether Labour wanted to stay in the EU's customs union.
Mr Gwynne retaliated by telling the Foreign Secretary to "calm down".

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