Monday, 22 May 2017

Conservatives climbdown over 'dementia tax' after backlash

The Prime Minister has climbed down on her social care reform after an angry backlash over the so-called "dementia tax".
Theresa May has announced there will be an "absolute limit" on how much people will have to pay for their social care in a watering down of her reform, announced at the party manifesto just four days ago.

But the Prime Minister has denied the measure amounts to a U-turn, saying "nothing has changed".

Speaking at the launch of the Welsh Conservative manifesto, Mrs May disclosed details of the cap, although she did not say what amount the upper limit would be - only that it would be part of a consultation.

However, she said plans to make all those with assets of more than £100,000 pay for social care in their own homes if they need it would stay in place.

Mrs May said that since she announced the social care proposals last week they had been subject to "fake claims" from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She accused Mr Corbyn of promoting "scaremongering and fear".

Mrs May denied that there had been a change of direction and said she was simply clarifying the points in the manifesto, however, details of a cap were not contained in the manifesto.

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