Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Diane Abbott says she 'misspoke' on Labour's police policy


Diane Abbott says she "misspoke" when she got confused over the cost of Labour's pledge for 10,000 extra police officers for England and Wales.

Ms Abbott - the shadow home secretary - said it would cost £300,000 over four years before correcting herself to "about £80m", in an interview with LBC.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn later confirmed the policy would cost £300m.

Ms Abbott claimed she had got her facts right in other interviews and her credibility had not been damaged.

"I do know my figures," she told the BBC's Daily Politics.
She claimed that she had "repeated them correctly in six other interviews" before her appearance on LBC, and blamed the media for focusing on her gaffe, rather than the "real issue" of cuts to police numbers and increases in violent crime.

Labour is promising to put 10,000 more police on the streets of England and Wales if it wins the election, to be paid for by reversing Conservative plans in the 2016 Budget for capital gains tax cuts.

But the Conservatives said Labour had already committed the money they planned to raise from the capital gains tax changes to fund other pledges.

Under Labour's plans, the 43 forces in England and Wales would get an additional 10,000 police officers over five years. It will not apply to Scotland or Northern Ireland where policing is devolved.

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