Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Arena suicide bomber named by police as Salman Abedi

The Manchester suicide bomber has been named by police as 22-year-old Salman Abedi.
Police said they were working to establish whether Abedi - who blew himself up in the attack outside Manchester Arena, killing 22 people, including children, and injuring 59 others - was working alone or as part of a group.

Armed officers raided an address in the Fallowfield area, where Abedi, believed to be Libyan but British-born, was registered as living, and carried out a controlled explosion.

Abedi, who was a student at Salford University, is registered as having lived with his mother, Samia Tabbal, father Ramadan Abedi and brother Ismail Abedi, who was born in Westminster in 1993.

Abedi is understood to have a younger brother, Hashim and a sister, whose Facebook profile says she is from Tripoli and lives in Manchester.

A childhood friend of Ismail described Salman as "normal" and said: "He was always friendly, nothing to suggest (he was violent). He was normal to be honest."

He said the family was known to the Libyan community in the city.

Abedi's father used to perform the call to prayer at the Didsbury Mosque and Ismail attended as a volunteer, mosque trustee Fawaz Haffar said he thought Abedi probably did attend.

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