Tuesday, 9 May 2017

May vows to cap energy bill increases if Tories win election

Theresa May says she is "fed up with rip-off energy prices" and will cap bill increases if the Conservatives win the next election.
Writing in The Sun newspaper, the Prime Minister confirmed plans unveiled last month to protect gas and electricity customers on standard variable tariffs from "sudden and unjustified" increases.

Mrs May wrote that the proposed measures could "save families on poor value tariffs as much as £100".

According to Claire Osborne, an energy expert from uSwitch, there are bigger savings to be made.

She told Sky News: "With about two-thirds of consumers sitting on the expensive standard variable tariffs the Tories are talking about, there are big savings to be made by making a whole of market comparison.

"Within 10 minutes you can do a comparison and instead of saving the £100 that the Tories are pledging, you can be saving an average of £350 - but in many cases it's much higher."

The Tories have been accused of stealing the policy, as capping utility bills was a key pledge made by Ed Miliband during Labour's election campaign in 2015.

SKY     News.