Sunday, 21 May 2017

Mexican mob threatens to behead Russian man over public insults

A mob in Mexico stormed a Russian man's apartment and threatened to cut his head off after he posted footage of himself insulting local people.
One of the group was fatally stabbed in the confrontation with the 42-year-old, identified as Aleksei Makeev.

Police in the resort of Cancun rescued Makeev from the mob - who were armed with sticks and rocks.

He is being held in hospital under protective custody as authorities seek his deportation.

The trouble flared on Friday night when a group challenged Makeev over comments he had directed at locals in public, many of which he filmed and put online.

In some, he spoke against a backdrop of swastikas.
In footage of the attack, circulated widely on Mexican media, people can be heard shouting "You're going to die" and "I'm going to cut your head off" as they closed in on the Russian.

The youth stabbed by Makeev later died of his injuries.

It is unclear how long he had been in Mexico, but Aquaworld, a firm that runs maritime tours in Cancun, said in a statement that it had sacked the Russian in November 2015 because of his aggressive behaviour.

Mexico's National Migration Institute said multiple complaints had been lodged against Makeev because of his actions and that it was seeking the cooperation of Russian authorities to deport him.

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