Monday, 29 May 2017

MI5 inquiry into Manchester bomber intelligence is 'right first step'

An internal MI5 investigation looking into possible intelligence failings over the Manchester bomber is the "right first step", the Home Secretary has told Sky News.
The Security Service has reportedly launched two urgent inquiries into how it missed the danger posed by attacker Salman Abedi.

The move comes amid claims he was repeatedly reported to authorities by teachers and religious leaders concerned that he might become a terrorist.

One review was started last week and aims to identify any glaring errors, The Guardian said.

The other will be more in-depth, looking at the process used to assess suspects and asking if different decisions should have been made in Abedi's case.

While Abedi was a "former subject of interest" to the security services, he was not being actively investigated by counter-terror agencies at the time of the attack.

Despite concerns about whether an internal investigation is appropriate, Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Sky News: "I think it is right that they do this.

"In the future, we can look at anything else that might need to be done. As a first step it is absolutely right."

She added: "There's a lot of information coming out about what happened, how this occurred, what people might or might not have known.

"I think it's right that MI5 takes a look to find out what the facts are. We shouldn't rush to make any conclusions at this stage."

Mrs Rudd also confirmed that temporary exclusion orders, which stop potential terrorists returning to the UK after fighting in places such as Syria, have "just started to be used".

However, she refused to say how many times she had approved one of the orders.
"We don't offer that information out publicly," she told Sky News.

The Home Secretary said it was up to police and the intelligence services, with her approval, to decide when to request an exclusion order and insisted they have the "right tools".

Abedi, whose parents come from Libya, is thought to have received terrorist training in the North African country before returning to the UK just days before killing 22 people.

Fourteen men remain in custody on suspicion of being connected to the attack at Manchester Arena.
The latest - a 23-year-old - was arrested in the early hours of Monday at an address in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, Greater Manchester Police said.

Searches also took place 260 miles away in Chester and Manchester.

Police have issued CCTV in a plea for information about Abedi's movements in the days before the explosion on 22 May.

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