Sunday, 28 May 2017

North Korea tests weapon that will 'spoil enemy's dream'

North Korea has tested a new anti-aircraft weapon system that Kim Jong Un says will "completely spoil the enemy's dream to command the air".
Pyongyang said glitches detected in an earlier test have been "perfectly overcome", paving the way for the weapon to be mass produced and deployed nationwide.

State media says the system is designed to "detect and strike different targets flying from any location" - and footage showed the drill taking place.

A satisfied Mr Kim said the system's hitting accuracy had improved since it was first tested in April 2016 and it would stop hostile nations "boasting of air supremacy and weapon almighty".

Three top officials accompanied the leader for the launch - including a veteran rocket scientist, a former air force general and the head of the blacklisted agency which is believed to be developing North Korea's missiles and nuclear weapons.

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