Tuesday, 9 May 2017

O2 to scrap Europe roaming fees

From 15 June, O2's Pay Monthly and Business customers will be able to use their UK plans abroad - in 47 European countries - at no extra cost.

The move echoes the scrapping of roaming charges in similar destinations by EE, Three and Vodafone.

It coincides with the incoming abolition of such fees by the European Union on 15 June.

O2 customers will be able to take their UK plan into some non-EU countries as well.

These include Iceland, Switzerland and Monaco.
When travelling in the Europe Zone outside the UK, O2 customers with the right plans will be able to make calls and send texts to any other country in the zone at no additional cost.

Receiving calls and texts - and using data plans - is also included.

The mobile operator added that customers would not need to take any action to enjoy the benefits of the change.

While the move would certainly benefit some customers, it did not go much beyond what the operator would have to do under the new EU rules, said Kester Mann, a telecoms analyst at CCS Insight.

BBC    News.