Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Outrage as Emirates tells cabin crew to remove Taiwan flag pins

Emirates is under fire after apparently instructing Taiwanese cabin crew to remove badges showing the island's flag from their uniforms.

A leaked email says the airline was "instructed by the Chinese government" to "follow the One China policy".

Crew were told to wear China's flag instead, but this directive was later withdrawn. Flag pins show passengers the nationality and languages of crew.

The airline told the BBC there had been a "communication error".

A spokesperson said that now no crew needed to wear any flag pin, whatever their nationality. But the airline did not explain why, if this was an airline-wide change in uniform policy, such a specific demand had been made to Taiwanese crew.
The BBC also asked a spokesperson to address whether Chinese authorities had indeed complained about staff wearing the Taiwan flag.

China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province and insists that the self-ruled island is an inalienable part of one China to be reunified one day.

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