Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sir James Dyson wins vacuum cleaners appeal at European Court

Sir James Dyson has won his appeal over a case that argues European suction tests favour his competitors' vacuum cleaners.

In 2015, he lost a major legal battle in his bid to prove the tests gave misleading higher efficiency ratings to rivals' appliances.

This successful appeal against that ruling will see the claim sent back to the original EU court for judgement.

A spokesperson at Dyson said they were "shocked and delighted".

Sir James, a high profile campaigner for Brexit, had previously argued that EU law discriminated in favour of his company's rivals, which include Germany's Bosch and Siemens.
His argument rests on the fact that current EU efficiency tests deceive customers because they are conducted when the appliances are operated in "pristine" conditions in laboratories and do not test them in real conditions, where suction may be lost as the bag fills with dust.

Sir James's appliances are bagless and are sold as cleaners that do not lose suction as they fill up with dust, as do those that use a bag.

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