Monday, 1 May 2017

Tony Blair's comeback: 'I want to be part of the debate'

Tony Blair has indicated a return to a more active role in politics, saying he wants to be "part of the debate" while expressing concern that the centre-ground is being "squeezed out" by the left and right.
The former prime minister has ruled out standing as an MP but says he wants to focus on "solutions for today's world".

It is 20 years since New Labour's landslide victory in 1997 and to mark the occasion, Mr Blair talked candidly to Sky News about the changing politics within the Labour party.

He rejected the idea that the Iraq War is what turned his party away from New Labour, describing this as "the wrong reading of history".

But while Mr Blair admitted the war "left people dismayed", he does not believe it contributed to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn.

He said: "Some people left the Labour Party, that's absolutely true but I don't think it was the reason why we ended up deciding that New Labour was wrong.

"I think actually the reasons are far more to do with domestic politics and to do with the politics inside the Labour Party."

The former prime minister remains convinced Saddam Hussein posed a global risk.

He told Sky's Adam Boulton: "Personally I think that if we'd left him in power, he would have turned out like (Syrian president Bashar al) Assad, or the leader in North Korea.

"I think he would have ended up as a significant threat to the world, but you can never go back and take a different decision and see how it would have turned out."

SKY     News.