Friday, 19 May 2017

Trump heads for Saudi Arabia on first foreign tour

US President Donald Trump has left for Saudi Arabia on his first foreign trip since becoming president.

His eight-day trip will also take in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Brussels, the Vatican and Sicily.

It comes as Mr Trump faces uproar at home following his sacking of FBI director James Comey.

He has strongly criticised the decision to appoint a special counsel to oversee an inquiry into alleged Russian influence on the US election.

The trip takes in the capitals of the three major monotheistic religions - Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The president, the first lady, Chief of staff Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, and Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka, left the White House aboard Marine One just before 2pm Eastern

Vice President Mike Pence (right) was on hand to see President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump off

The president waves goodbye, hopefully to leave the turmoil of the last week behind as he leaves for his first foreign trip

Tête-à-tête: The President and Vice President share some last words as Pence gets set to say farewell to the departing leader

MAKE SURE IT'S STILL HERE WHEN I GET BACK: Trump heads to the Middle East and Europe under a cloud of suspicion over his firing of firing of FBI Director James Comey, who he reportedly tried to influence

Ring a ding ding: The First Lady's diamond engagement ring is front and center as she recahes to embrace the vice president

ONE FOR THE ROAD: Vice President Mike Pence gives First Lady Melania Trump a kiss on the cheek as she prepares to depart for Joint Base Andrews with her husband 

It looks like Jared and Ivanka left there three children behind to escort the president on his nine-day trip

BBC    News.