Saturday, 27 May 2017

US spy plane intercepted by Chinese jets in 'unsafe' incident

An American spy plane came within 200 metres of a scrambled Chinese fighter jet near Hong Kong, according to US officials.
The P-3 Orion surveillance plane was in international airspace when it attracted the attention of two Chinese aircraft.

Flying in front of the US plane, one of the jets "unsafely" intercepted the spy craft and restricted its ability to manoeuvre.

The incident, on Wednesday, took place 150 miles southeast of Hong Kong, the officials told Reuters news agency.

ABC News quoted officials describing the encounter as "unsafe and unprofessional", with the US set to take up the issue with China through diplomatic and military channels.

It comes exactly a week after Chinese jets came within 45 metres of an American WC-135 plane, which was taking samples in order to detect radiation in international airspace over the East China Sea.

One of the jets was reported to have flown upside down directly above the aircraft in a move similar to the one performed in the Hollywood movie Top Gun.

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