Monday, 8 May 2017

Vote 2017: Labour plans to scrap NHS hospital parking charges

Hospital parking charges would be axed under a Labour government, Jeremy Corbyn will announce today. 
If he wins the General Election, all parking for patients, visitors and staff at hospitals in England would be free of charge - funded by a tax hike for those with private health insurance.

Labour say the plans would cost £162m, to be paid for by increasing Insurance Premium Tax on holders of private insurance from the current level of 12%, up to 20%.

Parking charges at hospitals, levied by cash-strapped NHS trusts, have reached record levels in England. They collected at least £120m in 2015 - up by 5%, according to the Press Association.

Mr Corbyn, who is today meeting student nurses in Worcester, says: "Labour will end hospital parking charges, which place an unfair and unnecessary burden on families, patients and NHS staff. Hospital parking charges are a tax on serious illnesses.

"Our hospitals are struggling from under-funding at the hands of Theresa May's Conservative government, but the gap should not be filled by charging sick patients, anxious relatives and already hard-pressed NHS staff for an essential service."

Labour described the policy as "scrapping the subsidy for people that can afford it, rather than charging people who can't".

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