Wednesday, 14 June 2017

London tower fire: community rallies to aid victims

London has rallied to help the victims of the Grenfell Tower block fire, with essentials being collected at community centres for the thousands left homeless.
As firefighters continue to tackle the blaze and search for victims in west London, appeals for food, drinks and clothing have been issued - with Sky News witnessing supplies being dropped by well-wishers at an evacuation point close to the smouldering building.

Volunteers were working furiously to prepare sandwiches for victims and members of the emergency services at The Rugby Portobello Trust where people said they had seen an "unbelievable" response.

Maggie Evans, who was helping manage the deluge of supplies, said: "We're so impressed and grateful. The community has come out in droves."

The trust was asking residents to hold off making further donations at the moment so it could appeal for what was still needed later.

People wanting to give essential goods were also being urged to take directions on what was needed elsewhere as some other collection points were full to bursting.

The British Red Cross said its volunteers were supporting people at the trust and were now directing people with donations to the nearby St Francis Church.

SKY      News.