Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Munich railway station shooting leaves several wounded

A number of people, including a female police officer, have been wounded after shots were fired at a railway station in Munich.
The police officer was shot in the head after a man grabbed her pistol and then fired at bystanders at the Unterfohring underground station.

Police said the officer's injuries are life-threatening but injuries to members of the public were less serious.

The shooting is not believed to be terror-related and the suspect was detained after officers shot him.

Police were called to the station following reports of an altercation involving passengers on a train.
When officers arrived the suspect tried to push them on to the tracks and then manged to grab the female officer's gun, police said.

Police spokesman Michael Riehlein said the area had been secured and there was no danger to the public.

Another police spokesman added: "The sole male perpetrator was motivated by personal reasons.

There is no political or religious background here."

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