Friday, 9 June 2017

Paul Nuttall resigns as UKIP suffers huge poll drop

Paul Nuttall has resigned as UKIP leader, saying the party has been "a victim of its own success".
UKIP had been hoping to capitalise on Brexit to make gains but it failed to win a single seat as its vote share plunged by 10.8%.

Mr Nuttall, who came third in Boston and Skegness, said he had left the foundations for a new leader and insisted UKIP was "still on the pitch" and "more relevant than ever".

He said "a new era must begin with a new leader", adding the party would be the "guard dogs of Brexit".

Mr Nuttall added: "It is clear that UKIP requires a new focus, new ideas and a new energy - and it is there amongst out ranks.

"I predict after last night that if things go the way I expect, UKIP could in 18 months' time be bigger in terms of poll rating and members than it ever has been before."

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage praised Mr Nuttall for an "excellent speech" and said he was "very sorry" about his departure.

Earlier, Mr Farage said he did not blame Mr Nuttall for UKIP's poor performance and refused to be drawn on whether he would make a comeback as the party's leader.

Although Boston and Skegness yielded one of the biggest Leave votes in last year's EU referendum, Mr Nuttall finished a distant third behind the Conservatives and Labour.

Tory Matt Warman claimed the seat with 27,271 votes - a 19.8% vote share increase.

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