Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Qatar accuses neighbours of terrorism hypocrisy as isolation continues

Qatar has stepped up its war of words with regional rivals as the crisis surrounding its isolation shows no sign of resolution three weeks on.
In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Qatar's Finance Minister Ali Sharif al Emadi effectively accused neighbouring countries of hypocrisy when it came to supporting terrorism.

He said: "Osama bin Laden is not Qatari, he's Saudi. People who hijacked the planes and bombed New York, 15 of them were not Qataris, they were Saudis and UAEs."

Referring to two Islamic State leaders, he added: "Baghdadi is not Qatari, he's a Jordanian; al Binali, who I think was assassinated a week or 10 days ago, was not Qatari, was Bahraini."

Qatar rejects allegations it is soft on terror.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and others have subjected the small but rich Gulf kingdom to unprecedented diplomatic and economic isolation accusing it of supporting terrorist organisations and allowing terrorists to live there.

Mr al Emadi insisted Qatar follows international norms on who it lets live within its borders
He said: "Who decides which people are terrorists or not? In Qatar we adopt the United Nations list where we think that should be a reference to how we define terrorism in any countries."

The tougher rhetoric follows a hardening of position by Qatar's rivals. They have issued a list of demands to be met by a deadline early next week.

They want Al Jazeera television shut down, Turkish military forces thrown out of the country and the severing of relations with the Islamist organisation the Muslim Brotherhood.

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