Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Steel firm Liberty launches recruitment drive

Liberty House is launching the first phase of its recruitment drive as one of its recent takeovers expands production.
The steel firm acquired Yorkshire-based Speciality Steels a month ago in a £100m deal, securing the future for 1,700 workers and opening the way for creation of 300 more jobs.

Most of the recruits will work in the Rotherham bar mill, which wants to increase production from 78,000 tonnes to 137,000 tonnes a year so has double the number of shifts available.

Jon Bolton, chief executive of Liberty Speciality Steels said: "We have big ambitions for the future so we're eager to start the process of getting new people on board to help us move ahead with our plans.

"We're looking for recruits from a broad range of backgrounds, especially adaptable people from the locality with a positive attitude and a hunger to learn about steel.
"We've got many highly-talented and experienced people on the team here who will train newcomers for key roles in an exciting industry entering a promising new era."

Liberty's acquisition, which was confirmed earlier this year, made it one of the largest steel and engineering employers in the UK, with more than 4,500 workers.

The UK steel sector is emerging from a crisis that saw thousands of jobs axed over the last couple of years as it buckled under pressure from cheap Chinese imports.

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