Friday, 7 July 2017

Brazil club football chief quits over death threats

The president of a Brazilian second division football club, Paysandu Sport, has resigned, saying armed men had threatened to kill him if the club was relegated.

Sergio Serra said he had been approached while out walking with his family by men on motorcycles.

Paysandu is based in Belem and is one of northern Brazil's biggest clubs.

The club has fallen on hard times and is in sixteenth place in Serie B, just one place away from relegation.

Christina Serra, Sergio's sister, reported on social media that her brother had been out on Sunday evening with his wife and children.
"One of them, his face covered with a shirt, said, 'I know where you live. If Paysandu go down to to Serie C, I'll end you, and your wife and that crazy son.'

"My brother was very shaken and took the only decision possible under the circumstances to resign."

Brazilian football has been struggling to deal with an increasingly violent football fan base for decades and players have also received threats.

BBC     News.

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