Wednesday, 12 July 2017

John West owners to improve tuna fishing methods

Thai Union, which owns the John West tuna brand, said it will improve its fishing practices in the wake of a global campaign by Greenpeace.

It plans to reduce tuna fishing methods that harm wildlife and catch sharks, turtles and young fish accidentally.

The firm promised to make it easier to track where fish had come from and said it would improve working conditions.

Greenpeace said the moves by the world's largest tinned tuna company could encourage others to follow suit.

The environmental group's executive director Bunny McDiarmid said: "This marks huge progress for our oceans and marine life, and for the rights of people working in the seafood industry.
"If Thai Union implements these reforms, it will pressure other industry players to show the same level of ambition and drive much needed change. Now is the time for other companies to step up and show similar leadership."

BBC    News.

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