Friday, 7 July 2017

Lionel Messi fined £221k for tax fraud rather than jail sentence

Lionel Messi is to pay a 250,000 euro fine instead of going to prison for tax fraud.
The Barcelona player was given a 21-month jail term after he and his father were found guilty by a Spanish court in 2016 of three counts of tax fraud amounting to £3.63m, over income earned from image rights.

However, a Spanish court has now ruled that he can pay the fine - £221,000 - instead.

The footballer's father also had his 15-month sentence exchanged for a fine of 180,000 euros (£159,000).
However, neither Messi nor his father would have served time in jail following the original ruling as, under the Spanish system, defendants with no previous conviction are allowed to serve any sentence of under two years on probation.

Messi, who has just signed a new £500,000-a-week deal with Barcelona until 2021, is one of a number of footballers accused of defrauding the Spanish government in recent years.

Javier Mascherano was fined a similar amount in 2016 for tax fraud, while Cristiano Ronaldo is currently fighting allegations of tax avoidance in Spain.

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