Friday, 28 July 2017

Russia orders US to cut diplomat numbers in retaliation for sanctions

Russia has ordered the US to cut its number of diplomats in the country after Washington imposed more sanctions on Moscow.
The Trump administration had opposed the new financial penalties voted for by the Senate, as the President seeks warmer ties with Moscow.

And the new bill puts him in a difficult position as he will have to decide whether to accept the measures or veto them and anger his own Republican party.

There are believed to be currently around 1,100 US diplomatic staff in the country, including Russian citizens.

Moscow has told the US embassy to reduce that to 455 by 1 September.

The Russian foreign ministry said the figure was the same as the number of Russian diplomats left in the US after Washington expelled 35 Russians in December.

And it has also stopped US diplomats from using a summer house and storage facilities in Moscow.

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