Monday, 24 July 2017

San Antonio tragedy: Truck driver charged

A truck driver has been charged with illegally transporting immigrants after dozens of people were discovered in the back of his trailer.

Eight people were found dead in the vehicle in a Walmart car park in San Antonio, Texas, and 31 others were treated. Two later died in hospital.

The driver, named as James Mathew Bradley, 60, could face the death penalty.

He says the immigrants were placed in his trailer while he was distracted.

They were inside the trailer without access to air conditioning or water while outside temperatures hit 38C (100F).
Police say they believe the incident is linked to people smuggling.

Video footage from the store reportedly showed a number of vehicles arriving to pick up some of the survivors. Several others may have managed to escape on foot into the woods nearby.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting head Thomas Homan said more than 100 people could have been in the truck at one point.

BBC     News.

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