Monday, 17 July 2017

Theresa May to slap down ministers over Cabinet leaks

Theresa May is to remind ministers that Cabinet discussions should be kept private following a series of damaging leaks.
The Prime Minister will tell members of her top team they should keep quiet about the content of meetings and focus on getting on with the job of governing, Mrs May's spokesman said.

The bid to instil discipline comes after alleged comments by Chancellor Philip Hammond at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday appeared on the front pages of two different newspapers.

Mr Hammond is said to have told the meeting that public sector workers are "overpaid" and "even a woman can drive a train".

The leaks culminated in an unnamed minister telling one newspaper the Chancellor "is trying to "f*** up" Brexit.

The extraordinary disclosures have exposed the deep divisions at the heart of Government as Britain attempts to negotiate Brexit and Mrs May battles to keep her job in the wake of her miscalculated General Election gamble.

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