Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Watchdog probes £4.50 premium rate texts

A watchdog has revealed it is investigating a premium-rate texting campaign, following complaints from recipients that they have been charged fees even though many believe they never opted into the service.

One expert claimed the messages look like spam, which could cause phone owners to ignore them.

There is also concern about conflicting advice being given to the public.

The two companies involved in the campaign deny any wrongdoing.

The BBC became aware of the campaign when one of its reporters received a text in June.
It said: "FreeMsg: U have subscribed to Comp House competition for £4.50 per month until you send stop to 82225. SP Pro Money HELLO? 08001577502?T&C".

A shortened Bit.ly link was sent as a follow-up message, and a third communication stated that this "text cost £1.50".

The company behind the campaign is called Pro Money Holdings, which is registered to an Ilford, London address.

It makes use of a second service, called Veoo - a St Albans-headquartered business that provides billing and messaging platforms to mobile-related companies.


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