Friday, 4 August 2017

Airlines warn of EU airport delays

British Airways and Easyjet have sent text alerts to customers warning of delays at EU border controls.

BA said it is asking travellers to arrive early as it is expecting longer queues due to "enhanced immigration checks" across Europe.

The airline has already sent text messages to customers flying back from Lyon, Madrid, Barcelona and Milan.

Ryanair is also advising customers to arrive at least three hours before the scheduled departure time.

A spokesman for Airlines for Europe (A4E), the airline lobby group, told the BBC: "It seems the governments - especially in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium - underestimated the situation of many passengers going through tighter passport checks and have not provided a sufficient amount of border control officers."
He said passengers should also expect delays at airports in Majorca, Malaga, Lisbon, Lyon, Brussels, Milan and Paris-Orly.

BBC         News.