Thursday, 31 August 2017

EU chief Brexit negotiator Michael Barnier sees 'no decisive progress' in Brexit talks

The EU chief Brexit negotiator has said there has been no "decisive progress" on key issues in talks with the UK, criticising the UK for demanding the "impossible".

Michel Barnier said the two sides are still "quite far" away from being in a position to begin talks on future trade arrangements - which the UK is hoping to begin next month.

Mr Barnier was speaking alongside Brexit Secretary David Davis after a third round of talks in Brussels over Britain's departure from the EU. He said there had been some fruitful discussions but struck a critical, pessimistic tone - at times openly scolding the Government.

"This week provided useful clarifications... but we did not get any decisive progress on the central subjects," the EU negotiator said.

The EU wants to make "sufficient progress" on three key divorce issues - UK's financial obligations to the EU, also called "Brexit bill"; the citizens' rights; and the Irish border - before moving on to discussing a future relationship and trade deals.

The UK maintains some of these divorce issues are "inextricably linked" to a future relationship - a position that was reiterated by Mr Davis.

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