Monday, 14 August 2017

Italy provincial governor defends killing rare bear after man mauled

An Italian provincial governor has defended the killing of a rare female brown bear in the Alps, saying it was a threat to humans.

The 14-year-old bear, called Kj2, was shot dead by foresters on Saturday, after it seriously mauled an elderly man walking his dog last month.

Trentino governor Ugo Rossi said the killing would not stop a project to reintroduce bears to the region, but their habitat must be limited.

About 50 bears live in the province.

Conservation groups have protested over the shooting and demanded better management of the EU-funded bear project, called Life Ursus.

Ugo Rossi said the shooting was "an absolute necessity" because of the risk to people at a peak period for tourism.

"Anywhere in the world, when the danger rises above a certain level, the animal has to be killed to ensure people's safety," he said.

BBC     News.