Friday, 25 August 2017

Knife man 'shot after attacking soldiers' in Brussels

A man has been shot in the centre of Brussels after attacking soldiers with a knife.
The soldiers opened fire on the man and the suspect was still alive, but in a critical condition, Belgian prosecutors said.

RTBF reported the suspect was a Somali man who is alleged to have shouted "Allahu Akbar" - God is greater - before the attack.

A spokeswoman for the prosecution service said: "With the identity that we currently have it is a 30-year-old man who is not known for terrorist activities."

It added that the soldiers suffered slight injuries, one to the hand and the other to the face.

Belgium's anti-terror crisis centre said soldiers had "neutralised" the man. It added the "situation is under control".

Images showed police have sealed off a main street near the main Grand Place tourist attraction.
Prime Minister Charles Michel tweeted that "all our support is with our soldiers. Our security services remain on alert. We are following the situation closely".

Witness Freddie Martin told Sky News the suspect was resuscitated at the scene before being put into an ambulance.

SKY      News.