Saturday, 5 August 2017

Oxford University murder suspect turns himself in

Oxford University employee Andrew Warren, wanted in the US for murder, has been arrested after turning himself in.
Warren, 56, was arrested in San Francisco, while his apparent accomplice Wyndham Lathem was held in Oakland, California - 2,000 miles from where they allegedly killed Trenton Cornell-Duranleau.

Both men turned themselves in.

Details have emerged of their movements since the 26-year-old victim's stabbed and mutilated body was found in Lathem's Chicago apartment on 27 July.

They apparently stopped in Wisconsin to make a $1,000 donation to the public library in the town of Lake Geneva in the victim's name.

Lake Geneva police say a person handed the sum in cash to a library employee, but detectives admit they do not know why.

Lathem also sent an "apologetic video message" to friends and family about his involvement in the murder, according to a Chicago police spokesman.

In a statement following the arrest, police said: "Both individuals will be held accountable for their actions and we hope today's arrest brings some comfort for the victim's family.

"We are also thankful that this did not end in further tragedy."

Wyndham Lathem and Andrew Warren are wanted by Chicago Police
Wyndham Lathem and Andrew Warren were being hunted by Chicago Police

Both men will appear in court in California before they are returned to Chicago for police questioning.

Warren is a senior treasury assistant at Somerville College and says on Facebook that he lives in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Lathem, 42, is a microbiology professor at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Both men are accused of repeatedly stabbing hairstylist Mr Cornell-Duranleau in the 10th floor apartment before fleeing.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said earlier in the week that Lathem and Cornell-Duranleau had known each other, but he did not know the nature of their relationship.

Warren had recently arrived in the US for the first time but it is not yet clear whether he had known the victim beforehand.

As senior treasury assistant he was in charge of pensions and payroll at Somerville College, but has now had his name and photograph removed from the college's online directory.

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