Friday, 11 August 2017

'Unbearable' Birmingham bin strike could continue until Christmas, Birmingham residents told Sky News

The threat of a bin strike continuing until Christmas would be "unbearable", Birmingham residents have told Sky News.

The piles of rubbish that have mounted up in some parts of the city have led to a feeding frenzy for rats, maggots, flies and other vermin.

Birmingham City Council has offered to take the long-running negotiations over the strike to ACAS, but the Unite union has confirmed that they are now considering balloting to extend the strike action, possibly until Christmas.

The council has accused the union of "holding the city to ransom".

The news was met with dismay among the Birmingham residents who still have piles of uncollected rubbish rotting on their streets.

Javed Iqbal, of the Alum Rock Community Forum, told Sky News: "We can't take any more days, let alone months - if it goes on 'til Christmas it will be unbearable."

"People are ready to get on the streets and do something about it. Christmas seems like a million miles away."

A mountain of bin bags in Birmingham

The ongoing crisis - with mountains of rubbish dubbed "rat hotels" - has become a major public health hazard.

Birmingham City Council had promised to clear the backlog of uncollected bin bags by Friday.

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