Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Body Shop owners 'to keep Dame Anita Roddick's legacy alive' as they look to revive company

The new owners of UK cosmetics chain The Body Shop have said they plan to keep the legacy of founder Dame Anita Roddick alive as they look to revive the company.

Brazilian group Natura bought The Body Shop from L'Oreal for an estimated 1 billion euros ($1.1bn; £880m).

Co-chairman Guilherme Leal told the BBC it would remain committed to the firm's principles on ingredients and testing.

"We are much more similar to The Body Shop than L'Oreal," Mr Leal said.

"I respect L'Oreal, but they are a huge corporation," he added.
The Body Shop, founded by the late Dame Anita in 1976, was a pioneer in using natural ingredients for its beauty products.

Mr Leal said: "Natura is a company that was born in the same way of The Body Shop almost at the same time.

"And we have this connection with sustainability, with ingredients from the Amazon, and we need a platform to go abroad."

BBC     News.