Thursday, 21 September 2017

Michael O'Leary announced plans for Ryanair to recruit 125 new pilots in 'the next week or two'

Ryanair's boss Michael O'Leary has announced plans for the airline to recruit 125 new pilots within 'the next week or two'.
The announcement comes just hours after a letter was sent to the company by a group of its existing pilots, rejecting an offer of a tax-free £12,000 bonus in exchange for working overtime.

The airline has come under increasing pressure over the past week after it revealed that an issue with staff leave meant thousands of flights would have to be cancelled.

A total of 315,000 passengers have been affected by the blunder, which has resulted in 2% of Ryanair services up to the end of October being axed.

The company's colourful chief executive Michael O'Leary announced the recruitment drive at Ryanair's AGM meeting, currently taking place in Dublin.

It has previously dismissed reports that the loss of 140 of its pilots to a Norwegian rival this year has planned a role in the cancellations.

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