Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Pay cap lifted for police and prison officers

Police and prison officers will no longer be subject to the 1% pay cap, the Government has confirmed.

Downing Street said that prison officers will get an average 1.7% pay rise and police officers will receive additional pay totalling 2% for 2017/18.
Number 10 also said that ministers are ready to show "flexibility" in the public sector pay round for the years 2018/19.

Asked whether the introduction of flexibility in pay settlements meant that the cap was over, the spokesman said: "The answer is yes."

The move came amid pressure from unions and Labour to scrap the policy, first introduced seven years ago. But unions were not impressed with the Government's effort.

The GMB union said more pay for police and prison officers is "smoke and mirror politics" that insults public sector workers.

Frances O'Grady, general secretary of the TUC, told Sky News the announcement amounted to an "insult" and pointed out the rise was still below the inflation rate of 2.9%.

"They need to offer a real pay rise across the (public) sector, no cherry picking," she said.

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