Friday, 8 September 2017

Scotland's top police officer Phil Gormley steps aside

The chief constable of Police Scotland, Phil Gormley, has stepped aside after further allegations of gross misconduct were made against him.

It emerged in July that Mr Gormley was being investigated by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc) over bullying allegations.

He has now taken "special leave" after a further complaint was made.

Mr Gormley denies the allegations, and said he intends to resume his duties in the future.

In a statement, he said: "I have been notified by the SPA of a complaint made against me. This complaint originates from a member of the Force Executive.
"In the interests of the office of chief constable and the broader interests of Police Scotland, I have sought and been granted special leave to enable this matter to be properly assessed.

"I deny and reject the allegations and will co-operate with the SPA's assessment and procedures. It is my intention to resume my full duties when this matter has been resolved."

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