Saturday, 16 September 2017

UK proposes EU treaty to protect security ties, says Home Secretary.

Security links between Britain and the European Union should be secured with a new legal pact, says the Home Secretary.
Amber Rudd says current security arrangements including membership of Europol and the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) "will end" after Brexit.
But days after Britain was hit by a terrorist attack at Parson's Green tube station, the UK is preparing to present proposals for a new treaty to give legal backing to intelligence, law enforcement and criminal justice partnerships post Brexit.

Writing in The Sun on Sunday, Amber Rudd praises existing arrangements within the EU as "some of the world's most sophisticated cross-border systems in the fight against crime".

The Home Secretary makes reference to the success of the EAW and Europol but goes on to say: "When we leave the EU, these current arrangements will end, but our partnership must go on for the security of the UK and the continent."

She adds: "Tomorrow, the Government will publish a paper outlining how we want to achieve this. It will suggest that the fight against crime and terror could be underpinned by a new security treaty between the UK and the EU.

"A new treaty would allow us to maintain and strengthen our current level of cooperation and provide a new legal framework to do this."

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