Monday, 16 October 2017

EasyJet and Lufthansa both submitted offers to buy parts of Alitalia airline

German airline Lufthansa and the UK's EasyJet have both submitted offers to buy parts of Italy's Alitalia airline.

Lufthansa said it hoped to establish a "new Alitalia", but was only interested in parts of the existing business.

EasyJet said it had submitted an expression of interest but also only wanted "certain assets of a restructured Alitalia".

Europe's airline industry is fiercely competitive, with Monarch and Air Berlin failing in recent weeks.

On Monday, the last of 110,000 Monarch customers who were abroad when the airline collapsed were flown home, according to the UK aviation regulator.

Ongoing competition from budget airlines, terror attacks in popular holiday destinations, and rising fuel prices have made it difficult for some airlines to keep going.

Lufthansa agreed a €210m (£190m) deal for parts of Air Berlin last week, with EasyJet also in talks to buy parts of the failed carrier.

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