Saturday, 28 October 2017

Explosions rock outside of a hotel in Mogadishu, according to Somali police

Two car bombs have exploded outside of a hotel in Mogadishu and gunfire has been heard inside, according to Somali police.
At least two people have been killed and more than eight wounded when a suicide car bomb detonated after being rammed into the gates of a hotel close to the capital city's presidential palace.
Captain Mohamed Hussein said that gunfire could be heard inside of the Nasa-Hablod hotel.

Police have confirmed local reports of a second car bomb explosion in the same area, with an unknown number of casualties reported.

"The second car bomb occurred at the ex-parliament house where there were (military) forces," a police officer told Reuters.

The hotel and local restaurant are reportedly being evacuated, with wounded people among the evacuees.

The areas affected by the explosions are reportedly popular with Somalia's elite and are frequented by politicians and civil servants.

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