Saturday, 7 October 2017

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson tells Tories to 'get behind' Theresa May

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has urged colleagues to "get behind" the PM because "people are fed up with this malarkey".

In a WhatsApp message he urged Tories "talk about nothing except policies".

It comes after ex-party chairman Grant Shapps said about 30 Tory MPs backed his call for a leadership contest.

The party's leader in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, said it should "get its house in order", back Theresa May and "let her get back to governing".

Ms Davidson said critics should "put up" and "shut up", adding that the calls were not led by anyone "serious".

The message read:

Folks I am away but just read all this!

See amber piece this am

She is right right right

We have JUST HAD AN ELECTION and people are fed up with all this malarkey

Get behind the pm. Ordinary punters I have spoken to thought her speech was good and anyone can have a cold

Circle the wagons turn the fire on Corbyn and talk about nothing except our great policies and what we can do for the country.

BBC     News.

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