Saturday, 28 October 2017

Nine Navy sailors on nuclear Trident submarine HMS Vigilant axed over drugs tests

The Royal Navy has discharged nine service personnel on a nuclear submarine for testing positive for drugs.
Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon gave First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones an "absolute roasting" when he learned of the positive drugs tests on HMS Vigilant, according to Sky sources.
Sir Michael ordered compulsory drugs tests across the Navy's submarine fleet as a result.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: "We do not tolerate drugs misuse by service personnel. Those found to have fallen short of our high standards face being discharged from service."

The drug detected by the tests was cocaine, according to the Daily Mail.

The submarine's latest controversy follows allegations of an on-board relationship between a male and a female - despite strict Royal Navy rules about relationships on its vessels.
Earlier this month it was reported that the Ministry of Defence was investigating an "inappropriate relationship" between members of the crew, and that the captain of the vessel was relieved of his duties pending the outcome.

A Royal Navy spokesman said at the time: "We can confirm an investigation is under way, but it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.

"Any allegations of wrongdoing are taken very seriously and will be dealt with appropriately."

HMS Vigilant, one of four Vanguard Class submarines maintaining the UK's nuclear deterrent, carries up to eight Trident missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

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