Sunday, 22 October 2017

Raid erupts into gunfight as dozens of police officers killed in Egypt, says security sources

At least 54 police officers have been killed after a raid on a suspected militant hideout led to a major firefight in Egypt.
It is one of the deadliest gun battles in the North African country for several years.
The violence erupted when security forces targeted insurgents near the Bahariya oasis in the country's Western Desert, about 100 miles from the capital Cairo.

Following a lead, they were deployed to a militant camp where eight suspected members of the extremist Hasm Movement were believed to be hiding, said security sources.

Insurgents on higher ground then used rocket-propelled grenades and explosives to ambush a convoy of four 4x4s and an interior ministry vehicle, it was reported.

Police had to call in air support as the clashes continued for several hours and there were warnings the number of dead could rise.

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