Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Southern Railway drivers vote to end long-running strike

Drivers with Southern Railway have voted 4-1 to end the long-running dispute over driver-only trains, the Aslef union says.
The agreement means drivers will receive a pay rise of 28.5% over the next five years and be joined on-board on every train by a second employee with full safety training - other than in "exceptional circumstances".
It brings to an end a dispute that began in April last year, resulting in a series of strikes that have caused disruption for commuters, students and other passengers.

Aslef general secretary Mike Whelan said: "After one-and-a-half years of industrial strife we wanted to find a way forward for our members who work on the railway in this region, for the passengers who use Southern trains, and for the businesses which depend on the service, as well as for the company, too."

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